Voluntary Short Term
Disability Income Insurance
Disability Insurance

24/7 Income Protection for You and Your Family

This MCL Short Term Disability Income Insurance is specifically designed for MCL members to help them protect their income and assets in the event of a disability or illness.

Some Questions to Think About
  • How would you and your family pay your bills without your income?
  • How long would your savings last if you were unable to work because of an illness or accident and your income stopped?
  • If you were sick or injured in an accident today, would your family’s standard of living be affected?
  • Could you afford to take a six-month vacation? If you can’t, do you think you could afford living through a six-month illness or injury?
  • What impact would a long-term illness or injury have on your ability to save for retirement?


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All Members are Eligible!

  • You must be actively at work 30+ hours a week to enroll and maintain coverage.
  • During this Initial Open Enrollment Period, all members are eligible to enroll. No medical questions are asked.
  • If you are not currently at work, you are eligible to enroll, but coverage will not start until you notify us of your return to active employment.
  • After this Initial Open Enrollment Period, you must complete a Late Applicant Enrollment Form which will require insurance carrier approval. The insurance carrier does not have to offer you coverage after the Initial Open Enrollment Period is over.
As a plan participant, you must notify Group Benefit Associates:
  • Within 30 days of any layoff or work stoppage and again within 30 days of your return to work.
  • Immediately when your bank account or credit card information changes for the purpose of premium collection.
  • Within 14 days of any disability and 14 days of your return to work.
  • Within 14 days if you withdraw from the Union.
  • Within 14 days of your retirement.


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Coverage is 24/7, 365 days a year

Your Union has partnered with MCL, Group Benefit Associates (GBA) and MetLife to bring you this program. MetLife is the insurance carrier for the policy and processes all claims. GBA is the third-party administrator responsible for collecting monthly premiums from participant's bank account or credit card. GBA is your first place to call for all service, including if you need to submit a claim.

Short Term Disability (STD)
  • Benefits will begin after 14 days for injury, sickness, or pregnancy. This applies to both occupational and non-occupational situations.
  • Benefit Amount: $250 or $500 per week of tax-free income (Max $250 per week available in California)
  • Benefit Period: 24 weeks


During the first 12 months of coverage, no STD benefits will be paid for a disability that is due to a pre-existing condition. A pre-existing condition is an injury or sickness for which you received medical treatment, consultation, diagnostic measures, prescribed drugs or medicines, or for which you followed treatment recommendations during the three months prior to your effective date of coverage. This provision also applies if you did not consult a physician when an ordinarily prudent person would have. Exclusions may vary by state.


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Your Monthly Cost is only $13.75 for the $250 weekly tax-free benefit or $27.50 for the $500 weekly tax-free benefit

You decide how much tax-free benefit you need to cover your weekly bills and expenses. This weekly tax-free benefit is in addition to any other benefit you may receive from your union including any workman's compensation benefit.

Note 1: During this Initial Open Enrollment Period, All Members are eligible to enroll with no medical questions asked.

Note 2: If you choose the lower $250 weekly benefit now and at a later time choose to increase your weekly benefit to $500, you must complete a Statement of Health and the insurance carrier does not have to approve the buy up option.

Note 3: All premiums are collected automatically from a Visa, Mastercard™, or checking account. The initial premium will be collected within 10 business days of your enrollment. Subsequent premiums are collected on the 15th of the month prior to the start of the next month (or next business day in case of a weekend or holiday).

Note 4: Cancellation requests must be received in writing by mail, fax, or e-mail. Cancellations will become effective on the last day of the month in which they are received.


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24/7 Income Protection for You and Your Family

This new benefit is currently open and available to all MCL affiliated union members. After this Initial Open Enrollment Period, only new union members will be eligible to enroll without insurance carrier approval.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity and Enroll today!


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